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SQL Editor

SQL Editor - Feature List

General Features

  • Connect to Oracle using SQL*Net or build-in direct TCP/IP connectivity
  • Pick up connect string from tnsnames.ora file
  • Sortable history of recent connections
  • Tag connections using personal description or color scheme
  • Various skins to personalize visual experience
  • 32 and 64 Bit versions available
  • Supports Oracle 7.3.4 up to Oracle 12c
  • Fixed workstation or floating network licenses available
  • Easily transfer license between machines

SQL Editor

  • Stand-alone version of SQL editor
  • SQL and PL/SQL syntax highlighting
  • SQL query builder supporting both Oracle and ANSI SQL syntax
  • SQL query execution and updatable result sets
  • Data presentation as grid, record, text, tree and pivot view
  • Data export in various formats such as MS Excel, MS Access, CSV and much more
  • KML export of spatial data and presentation in Google Earth
  • Integrated FastReport engine with automatic and manual layout option
  • Oracle execution plan presentation as collapsible tree view
  • Compare files and highlight differences
  • Expand selected table name to a statement such as SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE or CURSOR FOR LOOP
  • Oracle PL/SQL profiler interface
  • Code completion
  • Delegate SQL execution to SQL*Plus and capture output
  • DBMS_OUTPUT window
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